Who Would You Seek Legal Advice from to Clarify Business Contractual Liabilities

The majority of our clients are members of LVConnect. When you become a member, you can always stay one step ahead of legal issues while keeping an eye on costs. For just $199 per month, membership allows for unlimited legal consultations, faster turnaround times, free legal quotes, and member-only discounts. Intellectual property law is inherently complicated. If you want to protect your company`s intellectual property, consult a specialized lawyer who is familiar with the field, in addition to general legal advice for small businesses. A qualified IP lawyer can help you determine if your company has IP assets that warrant formal IP protection. Independent legal advice is when you receive advice from a separate lawyer from the other people involved in the case. Typically, a certificate of independent legal advice is signed and attached to your contract. Without independent legal advice, your document may not be enforceable in court. If setting up a trust is not feasible or desirable, it`s always crucial to separate yourself and your personal information from your small business.

Your small business should have a separate bank account, credit cards, etc. Contractual advice can mean the difference between the absence of a key clause and a full understanding of your rights and obligations and negotiations to protect your interests. My clients know me as more than just a lawyer. First and foremost, my background is much broader than that. Before attending the Faculty of Law at the University of Valparaiso, I obtained a Master of Business Administration and ran a small business as a chartered accountant. Thanks to this experience, I have unique knowledge, which allows me to better support my clients today in a variety of commercial and tax matters. Overall, I have over 20 years of experience in financial management, tax law and business consulting and am proud to use the knowledge I have gained to support the Round Rock community in a variety of ways. In my current practice, I advise small and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations and ordinary individuals. While my main areas of practice are estate planning, geriatric law, management consulting and tax planning, I am proud to offer comprehensive support to my clients. Every time I accept a new client, I try to get to know them personally. Of course, it starts with listening.

It is important that I understand their vision so that I can help them successfully translate it into a concrete action plan that meets their goals and expectations. I appreciate the individual characteristics of each client and know firsthand that thoughtful, creative and tailored planning can maximize both financial security and personal happiness. During my tenure as a Chartered Accountant, I developed invaluable skills. Because even though my legal background has given me a thorough understanding of tax law, without my accounting training, I wouldn`t be the tax lawyer I am today. Thanks to my extensive experience, I am competent to unravel even the most complex tax secrets and disputes. My CPA training also benefits my estate planning practice. When drafting wills and full trusts, I carefully calculate all assets and plan for any tax burdens that may arise, which often makes an inheritance much easier for my clients` heirs. Before earning my CPA designation, I made sure I established a solid foundation in business, both inside and outside the classroom, and the insight I gained served me well.

Not only am I better able to run my own practice than I would otherwise be; I can also help other small business owners achieve their dreams. It can be difficult to pay the extra cost of separate legal advice, but it`s worth making sure your legal needs are met and you haven`t been exploited. A contract sets out obligations between the parties that are legally enforceable. A contract lawyer will help you ensure that all contracts you enter into are properly executed so that your interests are protected and the purpose of the contract is achieved. A contract lawyer is usually a professional who specializes in this type of work. They have extensive expertise in contractual matters and state laws applicable to these projects. During the many ups and downs of starting and growing a business, a knowledgeable lawyer can be one of your best resources. Legal knowledge and skills can help your business through the seed, start-up, establishment, expansion and maturity phases. While every business and situation is unique, the sooner you seek the help of a lawyer, the better.

Navigating the business formation process, protecting your intellectual property (IP), ensuring proper contract management, and avoiding lawsuits and litigation are just some of the reasons to seek legal advice as your business grows. I assist individuals and businesses throughout the state of Florida with contract drafting, contract interpretation, and issues that may arise as a result of contract terms, including claims (cease and desist letters) and litigation. I have experience with general service contracts, non-compete clauses, settlement agreements and many other contracts. Please contact us if I can help you with an employment-related project! If you have been named in an infringement proceeding or believe that another party has not met their contractual obligations to your company, the stakes can be high.