Month: September 2022

Are Arbitrators Legal

What could explain the advantage of the recurring player being employers appearing several times before the same referee? One possibility is that arbitrators feel pressure to decide in favor of which employer to choose in future cases. While this would violate the ethical standards of arbitrators and be something that truly neutral arbitrators would …

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Are 100W Headlights Legal

Remember that the higher the light output, the greater the probability that the main wiring of the bulb can burn. And then cause problems with the electrical systems in the car. My advice is not to use illegal light bulbs. Get advice from an upgrade specialist who knows what to do. Safe driving. Can …

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Antecedent Cause Meaning in Law

Lawyers and legal theorists have an unfortunate penchant for proclaiming that law is, should, and must be autonomous in its use of concepts such as the causality of other disciplines (such as philosophy) (Stapleton 2008; 2015). As Sir Frederick Pollack said more than a century ago, “the lawyer cannot afford to engage with philosophers …

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Animal Husbandry Laws India

(e) Keep an animal in a cage where it does not have reasonable means of movement. Since 2001, circuses are no longer operated free of charge and are now subject to the Performance Animal Registration Rules, 2001, which were notified under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. It is forbidden to exhibit, …

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Amy Baker Law Tauranga

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Ambiguity in Legal Terms

There are two types of ambiguities: latent and patent. Latent ambiguity refers to an ambiguity that does not occur easily in the language of a document, but arises from a minor issue when the terms of the document are applied or executed. For example, if a man invents goods to his cousin A B, …

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Alps Motor Legal Protection

Auto Legal Protection Services (ALPS), a leading UK provider of car claims solutions, legal protection and ancillary products, has launched Smartphone Assistance Tracking, a new car breakdown service for the insurance market. New Auto Claims PortalWe are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new customer portal: Valid8! This new platform allows customers …

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